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Years of cross-border business planning experience has given Trans Union Trust a good reputation in trust services

Trust-related services include trust legal relationship arrangements, trust property allocation, trust tax planning, beneficiary and trustee arrangements, trust contract making; PTC trusts, oath trusts, estate trusts, education trusts, growth trusts, family trusts, equity trusts, Trust arrangements such as policy trusts, real estate trusts and special purpose trusts and related legal, fiscal, tax, wealth and business services.   


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Trans Union Trust Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Trans Union Trust") was incorporated in Hong Kong and focuses on providing professional trust solutions to customers.
It is rooted in Hong Kong and connected to the world. Huanlian Trust joins hands with the world's top management teams and financial talents to gather global trust solutions for customers and bring them together in diverse market areas.
Since its establishment, the core mission of Huanlian Trust has never changed: to serve the immediate needs of customers, optimize market allocation, and to achieve long-term and stable wealth preservation, growth, preservation and inheritance for customers.